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Dr. Anne Watson is a retired Canadian Special Education/Psychology Professor and Psycho-Educational Consultant.  In 2002 she won the Palm Beach County Teacher of Excellence Award, and is a two-time recipient of a Canada Council Doctoral Fellowship. She is a writer, inventor, actress, and artist.  During neurofeedback* training for ADHD clients, she had an inspiration about getting 2 people on the same wave length using an EEG. She listened to her intuition. 

Dr. Anne Watson, CEO at Mind Phasing

She started getting clients to phase on the same wavelength. When they did this with her when she was in an Alpha state, she noticed they were better able to access their intuition.

At first she did all of this with her trusty EEG machine, the medical model, which she has now retired in favor of more portable dry-cell EEG headbands. With this new technology she can coach you to your best limit, and perhaps beyond.

Dr. Watson attributes her success to her belief that mental problems are brain wiring problems, not personality failures. Self control through DIY neurotherapy is empowering.

Having worked extensively with Special Needs children with Behaviour Disorders and Learning Disabilities, promoting their strengths, in 2007 her article “Strength-Based IEP’s” was published in Communique: The Publication of the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario. Soon thereafter, the Ontario Ministry of Education adopted a policy requiring strengths be listed on Individual Education Plans. As she says, “No one ever gets hired for their weaknesses. Let’s promote strengths.”

Dr. Watson has also published guidebooks for children facing court procedures, one of which was a best-seller (“So, You Have to Go To Court!” 1986), spurring the use in Canadian Courts of professional workers now known as Victims’ Advocates.

Her latest book, Flash! The Science Behind Intuition (PostHypnotic Press, Vancouver, 2018), serves as the manual for MIND PHASING.

Since her wonderful children are all grown up, she has time to help YOU alter your inner worlds: as our slogan says, “KNOW YOUR OWN MIND, BECAUSE IT’S YOURS”

*The term “neurofeedback” refers to using EEG equipment to help guide and control your mind through using your mind alone. The equipment measures your brain waves, but nothing is injected or ingested by you as you use the feedback to increase mind control.

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Ms. Brandy Randall, B.A. Spanish, B.A. Environmental Policy, advises on technical and  internet features related to Mind Phasing,

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