What is it?

What it has always been…

Almost since the beginning of time people have searched for peace of mind, a quiet restful state where all the jumble and noise of the thoughts that constantly fill our heads is quieted and we can be calm and at peace. 

Every religion asks us to look inside our selves and search for that place where we can be at peace. Buddhist monks for example seek Nirvana, the state of bliss achieved through meditation where the mind is calm and where true understanding and enlightenment can be found. 

And through the scientific study of our brains and with modern technology we have been able to develop ways of measuring brain activity and charting it through computer screens.

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What the various mind states indicate…

What we now know is that the thoughts that fill our heads are carried by tiny electrical currents which spark between the neurons in our brains in waves of energy, some fast and some slower energy oscillations, some big waves, some little ones. Brain waves are numerous and varied, and can be measured by their height (their amplitude) and their speed (cycles per second, Hz).

Short, rapid waves result from certain kinds of thoughts, which are quite different from what is going on when we see tall, regularly paced waves. Everyone experiences all of these waves pretty much all the time, but the dominant ones at any given moment are the ones most frequently measured by surface electroencephalogram (EEG) machinery, which is the most common way to measure brain waves.

One particular type of brain activity which produces Alpha Waves is created in the mind of someone in the NOW, in the moment. They may have been meditating but not deep enough to lose focus on what is going on around them. When seasoned meditators are fully immersed and in a state of peace they actually show a mixture of very slow Theta-band waves (indicating strong inward-thoughts) mixed with the more alert, focused, calm waves of Alpha. Alpha is the desired frequency to be in control of your own mind state and to be present.

Alpha waves allow us to be completely aware of what is in our environment, while helping us block out the distractions of busy brain, depression, rumination, or too much introspection.

None of this is new. There has been much research about it and, with the aid of technology, people have been able to learn how to control and reach the Alpha wave stage in a variety of ways, some quicker than others.

 What is new is the accessibility of the equipment that allows you to measure and see your own brainwaves, as you learn to control your own brainwaves.

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 How Mind Phasing uniquely uses technology to improve quick and shared access to Alpha…

MIND PHASING allows two people to synchronize brainwaves, using EEG technology.

MIND PHASING uses technology in the following ways to help you control your brainwaves, increasing calming ones and inhibiting interfering ones, so that you can know your own mind state. 

This is an EEG headband. It detects and measures the activity of your brain.

There are others like it. We use one called NEUROSKY.

Dr. Anne Watson at Mind Phasing uses this EEG tool after asking herself this question:

“If ONE person can control their mind state using neurofeedback with an EEG machine, why can’t two people get in phased control with each other? Get on the same wavelength?”

Of all the new EEG headbands on the market, Dr. Watson chose this one because it allows you and she at the same time to see the current brain waves on a computer screen for visible phasing of your brain waves.

To know your own brain, to control your mind state, you can use any of the popular ways to


 However, the fastest route to Alpha is by synchronizing brain waves with someone already there. That’s where Dr. Watson comes in.

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Pictured below is phasing using an EEG machine, the forerunner to the portable dry-cell headbands.

The EEG machine was not very portable.

Dr. Anne Watson will help you read your brainwaves from your computer screen.

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Research supporting MIND PHASING was done by Dr. Jacobo Grinberg-Zylberbaum in the early 1990’s. He got couples to entrain with each other for heightened awareness. 


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