Dr. Watson works with MUSE headbands available at a cost of $250 USD.

Once your MUSE has been delivered, we can conduct the online

session in learning about your brain and tuning in to an Alpha state.

Cost of this hour-long session is $100 USD.

If further sessions are indicated, their cost is $75 each hour and will focus on further entraining with Dr. Watson’s Alpha and synchronizing our brainwaves on the computer screen.

(*All “first” sessions include printed handouts, support literature.)

Webinars to orient you to Dr. Watson’s teaching method and neurofeedback in general are offered for FREE from time to time.

In selected major cities, Dr. Watson will offer two-hour group seminars, in person, to a limited number of clients from The Mind Phasing Group who have a MUSE and have mastered Alpha at will, for $75 each. The purpose of the seminars will be to explore GROUP connectivity.




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