Phasing: when two people’s brainwaves become identical.

Think of waves vibrating in sync when two minds act as one.

Phasing brainwaves with someone else creates a deep connection between you and them.

You know that vibrant feeling when someone is on “the same wavelength” as you?

Now you can make that happen, with MIND PHASING.

How can this happen?

Dr. Anne Watson discovered she could makes this happen using a machine designed to detect electrical activity in the brain — an electroencephalogram (or EEG).

The EEG works through attaching small, metal discs (electrodes) to your scalp which are then wired into an encoder which translates the impulses into visible brainwaves on a screen.

Your brain cells communicate via electrical impulses and are active all the time, even when you’re asleep. This activity shows up as wavy lines on an EEG recording: brainwaves

The image below shows a couple with electrodes attached to their heads using a medical EEG machine to throw their brainwaves up onto a two-person screen for visual phasing.

By phasing their brainwaves, couples reconnect like when first in love.

There are lighter, more portable EEG machines that don’t require electrodes to the scalp nor an encoder. MIND PHASING uses the MUSE headband from Interaxon. (choosemuse.com)

For MIND PHASING you will need to purchase of a MUSE EEG meditation headband,

Alpha waves are the preferred speed and height of oscillations for meditating,
but phasing can happen in any state.


When the tech catches up to Dr. Watson’s vision, the NEW Mind Phasing will begin.

Who can benefit from MIND PHASING?

Dr. Watson’s Mind Phasing is designed to help:

  • Those who are lonely.
  • Those who find it difficult or impossible to make friends, to communicate with others.
  • Those who have social connections, but want deeper bonds with them.
  • Those who seek a sense of belonging,

If you would like to try this, online, when an app becomes available,

or if you are interested in the success of the launch of the NEW Mind Phasing,

please send an expression of interest to awatruss@gmail.com