Know your brain, because it’s yours. MIND PHASING can help.

Can’t meditate consistently? IT MAY  NOT BE  YOUR  BRAIN,  BUT  HOW  YOU  TRAIN

The headband comes in black or white.

Try an EEG headband.



These can be expensive. How to choose which one?

Dr. Anne Watson has some you can try.

Book a demo with Dr. Anne Watson,

see if your meditation improves. 

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$50 for the demo hour.

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What if you STILL are not happy with how well you can meditate?

Try learning how to Mind Phase with a coach.

Mind Phasing

Using new EEG technology and her own unique teaching methods,

Dr. Watson can help you get and stay in an Alpha state,

to become calmer, more relaxed, more confident and better able to focus by being more in control of your own brainwaves.



Dr. Watson’s Mind Phasing is designed to help:

Those who would like to meditate, but can’t.

Those who want to block intrusive busy brain thoughts.

Those whose negative thoughts loop endlessly in their mind.

Those whose anxiety drives their regretful choices.

Those who would like to feel calm, alert, and focused.

Those wanting to be in control of their own mind state.




Dr Anne Watson, retired Canadian Special Education Psychologist, discovered how to rapidly access ALPHA, the meditation mind state, by having two people synchronize their BRAINWAVES.  Getting on the same wavelength with someone already in Alpha affords the quickest path to self control.

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What is Mind Phasing?

Of all the mind states represented as brain wavelengths (below) when measured by an electroencephalogram (an EEG), Alpha appears as regular, rhythmic, sinusoidal waves (the middle band on this chart) reflective of the calm, alert, focused state of Alpha. Alpha waves are strong, and to some extent guard against beta or theta waves which interfere with being fully in the NOW. Getting into Alpha is how to protect yourself against introspection, rumination, busy brain, depressive waves. Alpha is your target mind state.

Mind Phasing is the quickest way to get into the state of Alpha, by synchronizing your brain waves with someone who is already in Alpha. This can happen quite rapidly when both of you wear EEG headbands and view your brain waves on a computer screen. Once phased, it becomes easier and easier with practice to get phased again. That is the nature of neurofeedback, when the mind automatically starts going to the target state after just a few practice trials.


Dr. Watson will entrain with you into Alpha. For your part, you will need an EEG headband of your own and time to spend on interactive visual messaging with her.

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The headband comes in black or white.


The headband comes in black or white.